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How We Work

How We Work

We work with individuals, professional investors and a range of small to large companies who are looking to increase their wealth.Our established team of investment professionals employ a cutting-edge, technology based strategy of investing.


Our multi-asset investment approach is exclusively aimed at low-risk FX trading based on a computer based algorithmic, high frequency trading to ten decimal places, therefore hugely reducing all risk factors.

Available For Everyone

We aim to offer this opportunity to each person we have the pleasure in meeting, thereby sharing wealth with everyone.

Low Entry Level

To enable us to achieve our vision and mission, not to mention our goal, our minimum investment level is set at £10,000.

Guided Investment Structure

Ensure you are guided all through your investment process and to fully understand the structure and the returns achieved.

Minimise All Risks

Ensure that your investment is made with zero risk to your capital at all times, and ensure you have a full understanding.

Clear Communication

We will always make sure you are kept informed throughout your investment period, and all the team are at hand to answer any questions.

Our goal is very simple! We will ensure you will receive an investment return of between 12% and 18% every year!

How We Add Value

Structured Loan Agreement

Our structured loan agreements remove all risk factors of making investments for our clients, instead providing a fixed rate of return.

No Risk To Your Capital

Your investment capital is NEVER put at risk as it is NEVER traded. It merely acts as leverage to support our credit line with a tier one London based bank & provides liquidity.

High Returns

Receive up to 24% per annum guaranteed (subject to investment amount) paid quarterly into your bank account.

Make Money Safely

Our systems trade to ten decimal places which allow us extremely low costs per trade, therefore providing safety.

Established Trading Stategy

Our trading strategy waits for an established trend to be identified by 12 key indicators. When appropriate our system makes a large number of very small trades in seconds capturing profits from each.

No "Black Swan" Events

Our trading system parameters cut-out at 2% loss per trade so risks associated with "Black Swan" events are eliminated.

Make A Difference With Our Team